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Why partner with us

Be the impact, walk your talk, put your money where your mouth is….

Seriously – you CAN provide your customers with an enhanced experience that really does add value. Value that they really want.

If you are a brand or retailer with a product or service that is targeted at pregnant women or the early days of parenting we can partner with you to create a whole new experience for your customers.


Be part of the solution.


Maternity care across the globe is in crisis – wherever you sell your products or services women will need our care and they will value what you offer.

“What a fantastic service provided by the instant chat. The midwife I chatted with answered my questions promptly and was incredibly helpful and informative. Thank you”


Pregnancy and becoming a new parent have always been one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, and more so now, than ever before.


Care is often only provided in-person, appointments are usually scheduled months in advance and with outdated processes and systems the infrastructure is not able to support the vast number of requests for information and support. Healthcare services are often fragmented and reactive, and outcomes for women and their babies is decreasing with each passing year, with postnatal care often non-existent. 


There is a large gap within the current market, and we can fill it.


Whether you are a business, brand, or retailer we can provide you with bespoke packages to ensure your clients, customers and partners have access to maternity care professionals to help enhance your existing services and support.


  • You can be confident that our midwives and health professionals are fully insured and regulated by their professional body. All our content is based on the most up-to-date evidence and is regularly reviewed by our clinical team.

  • You will have access to a maternity provider who has global professional indemnity insurance for virtual care

  • You and your audience/customers can have access to 24/7 advice, information, and support from maternity professionals 

  • Our robust quality assurance processes means that our service is safe, and we only recruit the best.

  • You will have access to a CQC registered maternity provider (UK only)

Accessing safe healthcare
Growing your business image


  • You will be able to provide an enhanced and more personalised customer experience

  • You will be able to add meaningful value to your targeted audience

  • You have access to data to make informed business decisions

  • You will have the ability to increase your audience and your revenue

  • You will be differentiating yourself from others within the industry/market


  • You will become part of the movement – You will be joining a community of likeminded businesses who are making an impact on a global scale.

  • Community is key – With access to our chat rooms, webinars, and monthly group sessions, we bring together pregnant women and their families from around the globe. Not only do families have access to professional advice, guidance, and support, they receive support from their peers.

Community impact

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Our bespoke package can be branded to meet the needs of you and your business.


Costs start at £1000 per month.

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