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There is absolutely nothing ordinary about birth – Each and every one is unique!

Epical or Epic(all) – meaning impressive in quality, surpassing the usual and the ordinary.


That is what women need from their maternity care today – quality services that are not the usual and certainly not ordinary!

Who we are

SAFE - A midwifery led organisation that is passionate about providing expectant parents with access to safe, personalised care, from the right person at the right time.

ACCESSIBLE - We provide on demand virtual midwifery care supported by evidenced based digital content and resources.

UNIQUE - We are the first organisation that partners with brands so that you can enhance your customer journey and we can reach as many women as possible.

AFFORDABLE - Our innovative business model makes sure that we are cost effective and sustainable.

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One of a kind healthcare provider

One of a kind

There is no one doing what we do.

We partner with brands to provide customers with access to midwives via our ‘one of a kind’ live chat service. Your customers can receive safe evidenced based care directly from your website or in app, or from a QR code placed on your packaging.  

We know that since the pandemic online shopping has increased from 40% to over 75% and your customers are seeking a more personalised experience. 

We can meet their expectations (and yours!).

We know that 40% of women who use our chat return more than 3 times – this means they are coming back to your website again and again (and again!)


Oh, and not only that, we are the only midwifery provider to have global professional indemnity insurance and we are the first virtual midwifery provider to be registered by the Care Quality Commission (UK only).  

Narrowing the gap

We have increasing evidence that we are not meeting the needs of consumers, particularly in their online shopping experience. Consumers expectations are high but they are telling us that their experience is sadly lacking.

  • 93% of consumers expect their online shopping experience to equal or be better than their in person shopping experience

  • Over 60% say that personalised shopping is sadly lacking

  • Only 6% of them find that online shopping experience is “always” relevant.

  • If you are providing a service we know that 70% of Gen Z would prefer to have their care provided virtually on demand.  

  • 92% of people say that live chat is the most convenient way to communicate.

We can support you to narrow this gap:

  • We ONLY get 5* reviews – our satisfaction rating is phenomenal

  • Our response time is less than 30 seconds for over 95% of chats

  • Our offline response is less than 12 hours (on average 60% are responded to within 8 hours).

  • 40% of women return to use the chat again, and again and again. Yes! Over 40% come back more than 3 times to use the chat.

Virtual maternity care provider
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